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R22 Deadline Looms Closer


The Ozone Regulation came into force in 2000 and it has already banned the use of ozone depleting HCFC refrigerants such as R22 in new systems. In 2010 use of R22 as a “top-up” fluid for maintenance was also banned and by 2015 at the latest even recycled R22 will no longer be permitted for use. This is of crucial importance for many companies and means that all users of R22 and other HCFC systems need to consider alternative refrigerants or the purchase of new equipment.


Recommendations To Users of R22


1. Start planning for R22 phase out now. This will ensure you have time to consider the most appropriate options and will enable you to minimise the cost implications. It will also give you time to properly budget for any investments required.


2. Ensure you are complying with the leakage and recovery obligations, see our information on F Gas regulations.



The first stages of the phase out have already begun. It is important that R22 users begin to plan for the phase out as it’s dangerous to rely on the 2015 deadline for recycled R22 . This is because:


• The date might be brought forward by 2 or 3 years during the review process.

• There is no guarantee that sufficient supplies of recycled R22 will be available.


Please call us today to find out if your air conditioning equipment contains R22 and if so the options that are available.