onditioning provide both installation and maintenance to all types of R 

We place our expertise at your disposal to help transform your living space into an energy-efficient area of wellbeing. Our core strengths lie in energy-saving and environmentally friendly installations that are also straightforward to use.


At DX Systems we stress the importance of having regular maintenance visits on new and old air conditioning units. There are many advantages of having a maintenance schedule in place, it is a recognised fact that regularly serviced air conditioning units have a longer lifespan, performs better and are more energy efficient than units that do not benefit from maintenance. Some manufacturers have suggested that energy consumption can increase by as much as 50% as a result of poor maintenance and dirty components.


Another plus point is that manufacturers of newly installed units will provide an additional two years warranty on parts providing a regular maintenance programme has been adhered to.


Our maintenance customer’s benefit from tailor made programmes which reflect the usage, environment and location of their systems.


We can provide maintenance for customers who have one household unit to an office with a vast number of units.