The company known today as Mitsubishi electric was founded in 1921 and quickly rose to the forefront of the air conditioning industry, this position they still hold today and are considered by most the favourite manufacturer to deal with, this covers equipment right through to after sales care, technical support, parts and warranty.

With nearly 100 years of experience providing high quality reliable products to corporate and general consumers all over the world.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is recognised as a worldwide leader in manufacturer, sales of electrical equipment, marketing, space development and satellite communications, industrial technology, energy, transportation and building equipment.

Their green gateway scheme makes sure they are ahead of the game when it comes to renewable energy and low cost products across the range.

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Air conditioning from Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi electric air conditioning was founded in 1955 and again quickly established themselves to the forefront of the industry. With 50 year’s experience in developing and manufacturing air conditioning systems they continually benefit from the sheer size and diversity of the Mitsubishi group, with current building regulations stating the need for correct insulation and the high use of electrical equipment in the house hold and industry, the need for affective heating and cooling is paramount. Their cost-effective, energy conscious systems are expertly designed to provide the consumer with constant, comfortable living and working environments.


Latest technology

Mitsubishi strive to consistently meet the demands of their customers, they are the first in the industry to introduce an advanced ‘inverter driven’ system. Using inverter technology in their systems, means that they are able to produce just the right amount of output required for any given project or building. These systems work so efficiently that they don’t waste any energy by over or under heating a space, this results in reduced running costs. Other systems that appear cheaper, can often cost more to run, this makes Mitsubishi the most cost effective choice all round.


The environment

Science proves that man-made chemicals are causing damage to the ozone layer, Mitsubishi use only chlorine-free refrigerants that are safe and have an ozone depleting potential (ODP)of zero. As these systems are extremely efficient and use less energy to run, they also have low indirect global warming potential. Constant investment and produce development enables Mitsubishi electric to provide the most efficient equipment available on the market, whilst protecting the environment at the same time.